Travel to Nepal
Travel to Nepal
The five days of Tihar are celebrated in October or early November,  that glorious harvest moon season in Nepal when pathways, roadsides, courtyards and village squares are expanses of golden un husked rice and brilliant red chilly peppers drying in the sunshine, when crisp, clear nights forestall the coming of winter. Tihar literally means 'a row of lamps', and lighting displays are traditional, but this festival is actually a succession of significant holidays celebrated for a variety of reasons.

Tihar brings the worship of Laxmi, Goddess of Wealth; and a day to worship one's own body or self. Worshipped in turn are the lowly dog and ill-omened crow, as well as the sacred cow, the family money box and the brothers of every home. The God of  Death is propitiated ; the ancient New year starts; and throughout the land an avid and illicit five-day indulgence in that favorite Nepalese pastime- gambling with friends and family-takes place.

Through all five nights, especially during Laxmi puja of the third day, every home, temple and building is graced by rows of lights-the traditional Nepalese lamp of twisted cotton wick in a small clay bowl of mustard oil- as well as candles and electric bulbs, burn at every window, verandah, doorway, courtyard wall and rooftop. Magnificent displays for those of means; simple ones in smaller homes where a lamp must glow at the roadway entrance as well as at every doorway, window and stairway, and always atop the baked-clay cooking stove. Friendly rivalry between neighbors results from this eagerness to please Laxmi, the goddess who loves light.
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