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Shiva Ratri - The Sacred Night of Lord Shiva
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One can almost literally feel the presence of Lord Shiva in Kathmandu Valley. His spirit is every where, dwelling in the thousands of idols and monuments which glorify his name, and pervading  the hearts, minds and lives of the Nepalese people.

For Shiva is the Great God, Mahdav, whose paradise on Mount Kailas in the Himalayas and whose famous pashupatinath temple on the outskirts of Kathmandu-one of the most sacrosanct of all Hindu shrines-have made Nepal for ever hallowed ground. Here he is called Lord Pashupati, the protector of animals. Here Shiva appeared in remotest antiquity disguised as a forest deer, and again as a flame over which legend says the shrine was first built. On this temple's wooded hill, Just across the holy Bagmati River, Shiva, this time portrayed as a huntsman, once made sport with parbati , his lovely  goddess consort. This is the arcadia, some believe , where the famous warrior Arjun pilgrimaged to  receive from Shiva the divine and all- powerful bow with which to slay the enemy in the great Mahabharata war which resulted in triumph for righteousness.

Just as Shiva embraced Nepal, so have her millions of Hindus and Buddhists accepted this Sord as their guardian deity.

It is not sufficient to describe Shiva as the Destroyer , one of the Hindu Triad of which Brahma is the Creator and Vishnu the preserver, for he a multifarious deity exalted in  Sanskrit literature under I, 008 names, adulated in countless manifestations, each famed for certain attributes, deeds and powers. His supremacy in the Hindu pantheon was aptly revealed in one of his endless wars with the giants, when Lord Shiva the earth into two equal...............................................

Shiva as Mahadev is the majestic, gracious supreme Lord, infinite and eternal, whose ways are so inscrutable as to defy comprehension. Yet he is the kindly husband of parbati, father of Ganesh the elephant god, and of Kumar- Kartik the warrior-hero, Laxmi the Goddess of Wealth , and Saraswati the Goddess of Learning. In this serene aspect, Shiva is capable of bestowing unlimited prosperity in this world and a blissful life in the next.

Shiva Ratri, literally meaning the night consecrated to shiva falls on the fourteenth day of the waning moon in februaru, or in some years early March, when often 100000 worshippers pass through the temple gate during the winer four hours to the exaltation of his holy name. Thousands and thousands of pilgrims atream into the valley from all over Nepal, and especially India, arriving days in advance by airplane, bus, truck and automobile. Hundreds wlk the entire distance and arrive weary, footsore and dusty They trudge through the Kathmandu streets on the way to shiva;s shrine bundles balanced atop their heads, men;s dhoti skirts and women;s cotton saris flapping about bare brown feet, many ascrificing their life savings to bow before the holy lingam of shiva on this sacred night. They camp in the woods around the temple, sleeping on mats or in huts procided by Nepalese welfare organizations, apparently oblivious to discomfort, for the merits earned by such a pilgrimage are enhanced in derect proportion to sufferings undergone.
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