Travel to Nepal
Travel to Nepal
Bandipur, a picturesque hill top town is located almost halfway through the highway linking Kathmandu to Pokhara. A steady uphill drive from the highway town of Dumre takes you to this small and lazy Newari town, which once used to be the resting stop for the Newars trading in Tibet.

This town remains preserved ever since it was built and allows the tourists to enjoy its beautiful architecture and great Mountain View. Bandipur is known for its majestic view of the Himalayan ranges covering the entire Annapurna range including Dhaulagiri, Manaslu and Langtang. The view starts from the snow capped mountains spreading to the great Marshyandi River valley below.
Newars, the native inhabitants of Kathmandu valley also known for their business acumen found Bandipur a good resting spot between the northern hills and southern hills of the country while they traded in and out of Tibet. In the early days, the town enjoyed the hustle and bustle of these affluent Newar traders. After the downfall of the Rana era and Prithvi Highway was built, the town sidestepped as a busy trading stop. Now, it is a quiet and lazy town for travelers seeking for a relaxing vista point.

The town is built in a blend of neo-classical and Newari architecture. Built in the 19th century, the town's art is influenced by neo-classical style brought in by the Ranas from Europe and Newari architecture. The buildings are spacious with big windows and beautiful woodwork.

Bandipur is a place for all seasons. Wintertime starts from November to February and goes as far low as zero centigrade. Winters are cold in the morning and evening, with sun shining all day. August to October and March & April are the autumn and spring respectively. There are moderate and perfect weather times. The summer is hot but dry and monsoon is not as harsh on the hills as the valleys and lowlands.
Bandipur town/bazaar is predominantly a Newari town. Before the Newars established this place, Magars are the inhabitants of the region. The sorrounding hills have Magar and Gurung settlements. These are ethnic people from the hills known for their strength and bravery in fighting.
Sightseeing Areas
Ramkot: Ramkot is a Magar village which is about 2 hours of pleasant  walk from Bandipur through the edges of the hills past forest and trails overlooking valleys and hills. The village has mud houses most of them round in structure which is traditional of the area and the ethnic group. Untouched, the walk and village allows travelers to explore the country side of Nepal.
Siddha Cave:
Discovered in 1987, Siddha Cave is said to be the larges cave in the country and also in the South Asian Continet. Almost an hour and a half walk down hill through the forests from the Bandipur town will take you to the cave. Once equipped with lights and a stick, it is quite an adventure to explore this huge cave.
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