Travel to Nepal
Travel to Nepal
country_image Muktinath also known as Muktichhetra in Nepal’s astounding Mustang district lies 18 kilometers northeast of Jomsom. On the northern are of the Annapurna circuit trekking trail, the scared site glistens with its natural and spiritual charm. At 3,749 meters, Muktinath is a sacred for site for both Hindus and Buddhists.

It preserves ancient traditions. The main shrine is a pagado – shaped temple dedicated to Lord Bishnu. And there are 108 waterspouts, which pour the holy water befitted around the wall of the temple. The Jwala Mai temple located nearby has a spring and an eternal flame fed by natural gas disgorging out from the ground. The best time to visit is during fair weather.

The deepest gorge in world, the Kali Gandaki gore lies en route to Muktinath from Pokhara. It is in Muktinath where the holy river has its headquarters from Pokhara. It is in Muktichhetra where the holy has its headwaters. Also called Krishna Gandaki, the river’s banks are also famous for the Salagram stones: the black pebbles are worshipped by Hindus as an incarnation of God Bishnu.
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"I recently had the good fortune to go birdwatching in Nepal with my friend Dr Robert Sothman in Nepal. I contacted Tragopan Trek / Travel Nepal Pvt Ltd., a contact found through Birding Pals Nepal. We had excellent feed-back and responses to all our e-mails which gave us confidence to book a bird watching tour through them. We were met at Kathmandu airport by our guide Shankar and had a very comfortable...    Read More

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