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Bird Watching in Kathmandu Valley
Travel to Nepal
5th July 2010. Going for it, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal:

Having only few days or mornings away from office and available for birding shaped up my plan for action: as soon as I was shown green light I confirmed my booking for quide, driver and 4WD to do the hilltops near Kathmandu. Namely and especially in that order: Pulchowki and Shivapuri. Time is money sometimes, and this time my money wasn't on public taxi and my own instincts to do birding on fully strange locations!
Early Saturday morning I met Shankar Tiwari my guide and we proceeded towards Pulchowki Hill South East of City. Shankar showed up to be 'the man' to find difficult babblers and other little passerines that typically for Oriental forests are sometimes hard to spot. My lifer list climbed steadily together with us as we drove up to top. From there we decided to walk back and let the driver rest a while at upper military camp. Action was only getting better, and as a greedy collector of vital new lifer birds, I was busy to continuously update my check list.
Sounds too good, ain't it? Yes, my photograhy wasn't going anywhere: too little focal length (300/4 with 1.4x), quite shy and __very__ fast Babblers, Warblers, Thrushes whatever were not doing my task any easier. Further, the distance to birds were for many species useless for pictures, they were at times hard to identify even with binoculars. In other words, classical broadleaf forest birding where one or two keeper bird shot for morning is often best you can realistically excpect.

Next morning we did Shivapuri hill North of Kathmandu. Very different forest to Pulchowki: much drier and with less dense undergrowth. Fortunately the birding was almost as excellent and we nailed another ten new lifer birds for me! But with photography the going was getting even tougher, not a one keeper for whole morning. Shankar said I should come back in March, then additional birds wintering or passing over on their way up to breeding grounds at Himalaya would fill the forests.

Jussi Vokkala


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Roly Lloyd from Australia
"I recently had the good fortune to go birdwatching in Nepal with my friend Dr Robert Sothman in Nepal. I contacted Tragopan Trek / Travel Nepal Pvt Ltd., a contact found through Birding Pals Nepal. We had excellent feed-back and responses to all our e-mails which gave us confidence to book a bird watching tour through them. We were met at Kathmandu airport by our guide Shankar and had a very comfortable...    Read More

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