Travel to Nepal
Exclusive Bird Watching Tours & Hikes in Eastern Nepal
Travel to Nepal

Day 01 - Arrive Kathmandu. Rest of the afternoon free. O/N.
Day 02 - Sightseeing of Kathmandu city or Full day Birdwatching tour at Phulchowki hill.
Day 03 - Fly Kathmandu/ Biratnagar. Drive to Hans Pokhari Danda. Overnight at the camp.
Day 04 - Full day at Hans Pokhari Danda. O/N.
Day 05 - Jamuna. O/N.
Day 06 - Walk to Hange Tham (3 to 4 hrs.), O/N.
Day 07 - Full day excursion in Hange Tham area.
Day 08 - Full day excursion in Hange Tham area.
Day 09 - Walk to Jasbire and to Ilam.
Day 10 - Drive to Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.
Day 11 - Full day at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.
Day 12 - Full day at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.
Day 13 -Drive to Chitwan National Park (CNP). O/N. at Hotel Royal Park or Narayani Safari for 3 nights.
Day 14 - Full day jungle activities in Chitwan National Park.
Day 15 - Full day jungle activities in Chitwan National Park.
Day 16 - Drive back to Kathmandu. (Good birding on the way)
Day 17 - Full day Bird watching tour at Shivapuri Wildlife Reserve.
Day 18 - Transfer to airport for departure.
Itinerary Detail

Specialties can be seen at Phulchowki and Shivapuri hill in Kathmandu valley.
Black Eagle, Kalij Pheasant, Grey-headed Plover, Woodcock, Ashy Wood Pigeon, large Hawk - Cuckoo, Barn Owl, Golden-throated Barbet, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Crimson-breasted Woodpecker, Maroon Oriole, Long-Tailed Minivet, Mountain Bulbul, Black Bulbul, Eurasian Jay, Yellow-browed Tit, White-tailed Nuthatch, Wall Creeper, Nepal Parrotbill, Rusty-cheeked Scimitar Babbler, White-throated, White-crested, White-spotted, Striated & Chestnut crowned Laughing Thrushes, Stripe-throated, Rufous vented & Whiskered Yuhina, Nepal, Rufous-winged and White-browed Fulvetta, Black-chinned, Grey-throated and Spiny Babbler, Blue-winged and Chestnut-tailed Minla, Red-billed Leiothrix, Golden, White-browed and Orange-flanked Bush Robin, Blue-fronted, Hodgson's, White-throated, White-capped and Plumbeous Redstart, White-tailed Robin, Chestnut-bellied and Blue-capped Rock Thrush, Striated Prinia, Buff-barred, Black-faced, Chestnut-crowned, Ashy-throated, Grey-hooded Warbler, Chestnut-headed and Grey-bellied Tesia, Orange-gorgetted,Verditer,Ultramarine Flycather, Greybaced Shrike, Fire-tailed Sunbird, Green-tailed, Mrs.Gould's & Black-throated Sunbird, Fire-breasted & Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker, Siskin, Scarlet Finch, Rufous-breasted and Maroon-backed Accentor, Rose Finches, Wren Babblers etc.

Specialties can be seen on the tour:
White-napped Yuhina, Golden Bush Robin, Red-billed leiothrix, Northern Goshawk, Wall Creeper, Scaly-breasted Wrenbabbler, Large Niltava, Pale-headed Woodpecker, Bay Woodpecker, Red-tailed Minla, Silver-eared Mesia, Scaly-breasted and Pigmy Wren Babbler, Brown Parrotbill, Straited Laughing Thrush, Fire-tailed Myzornis, Nepal Cutia, Green Shrike-Babbler, Black-eared Shrike Babbler, Rusty-fronted Barwing, Hoary-throated Barwing, Golden-breasted Fulvetta, Black-spotted Yellow Tit, Maroon - backed Accentor, etc.

Mammals can be seen on the tour:
Barking Deer (Muntiacus Muntjak)
Rhesus Macaque (Macaca Mulatta)
Assam Macaque (Macaca assamensis)
Hoary - bellied Squirrel (Callosciurus pygerythris)
Yellow - throated Marten (Martes flavigula) etc.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (175 sq. km.):
Spot-billed and White Pelican, Bar headed Goose, Comb Duck, Falacated Duck, Baer's Pochard, Red-crested Pochard, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Gull-billed, Caspian & Whiskered Tern, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Cinreous vulture, Greater and Lesser Spotted Eagle, Red-necked Falcon, Pied, Pied, Montagu's, Hen and Marsh Harrier, Harrier Black-necked Stork, Ballion's Crake, Ruddy Crake, Water Rail, Swamp Francolin, Clamorous Reed Warbler, Smoky Warbler, Straited and Bristled Grassbird, Yellow-bellied, Rufous-vented Prinia, Siberian and White-tailed Rubythroat, Black- faced and Little Bunting.
Lesser Adjutant, Indian Skimmer and Watercock (Summer visitor)

Mammals can be seen:
Wild Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)
Gangetic Dolphin (Platanista gangetica)
Common Leopard (Panthera Pardus)
Asiatic Jackal (Canis Aureus)
Bengal Fox (Vulpes Bengalensis)
Fishing Cat (Felis Viverrina)
Jungle cat (Felis Chaus)
Common Mongoose (Herpestes Edwardsi)
Spotted Deer (Axis Axis)
Hog Deer (Axis Porcinus)
Varities of Bats....etc.

Royal Chitwan National Park (932 sq. km.):
Birds specialties can be seen at Chitwan:
Birds of special interest can be seen: Ruddy Shelduck, Indian Peafowl, Painted Snipe, Osprey, Changeable Hawk Eagle, Mountain Hawk Eagle, Collared Falconet, Lesser & Greater Spotted Eagle, Grey-headed Fish Eagle, Black Baza (March to June, May being the best), Bengal Florican, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Red-headed Trogon, Bleu-bearded Bee-Eater, Greater and Lesser Yellownape, Grey-capped and Brown-capped Pigmy Woodpecker, Himalayan, Greater, Black-rumped Flameback, Rufous Woodpecker, Great, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Pintail, Orange-breasted, Pompadour, Thick-billed Green Pigeon, Stork-billed, Bleu-eared, and Ruddy Kingfishers, Chestnut-winged and Pied Cuckoo, (only in summer), , Rosy Minivet, Long-tailed Broadbill, Indian Pitta, Hooded Pitta, Yellow-eyed, Slender-billed, Jerdon's, Striped tit and Puff-throated Babbler, Greater and Lesser Necklaced Laughing Thrush, Rufous-necked Laughing Thrush, White-bellied & Black-chinned Yuhina, Black-headed CuckooShrike (only in Summer), Bristled and striated Grassbird, Ashy, Grey-capped and Plain Prinia, Black-napped Monarch, Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Summer only) Sultan Tit, Pale-billed and Thick-billed Flowerpecker, Crimson and Purple Sunbird and many more

Mammals to be seen at Chitwan National Park:
Greater One-horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros Unicornis)
Sloth Bear (Melcursion Ursinus)
Sambar Deer (Cervas Unicolor)
Hog Deer (Axis Porcinus)
Spotted Dear (Axis axis)
Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak)
Indian Wild Boar (Sus scrofa)
Gaur (Bos gauras)
Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris)
Common Leopard (Panthera pardus)
Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)
Leopard Cat (Felis bengalensis)
Porcupine (Hystrix Indica)
Common Langur Monkey ( Presbytis entellus)
Rhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta)
And many other small mammals.

Reptile can be seen at Chitwan:
Ghariyal (Gavialis gangeticus)
Marsh Muggar (Crocodylus palustris)
Indian Python (Python molurus)
King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah)
Rat Snake (Ptyaus mucosus)
Striped Keelback (Amphiesma Stolata)
Banded Krait (Bungarus cearuleus)
Common Krait (Bungarus fasciatus)
Green Pit Viper (Trimeresurus gramineus)
Monitar Lizard (Varanus bengalensis)
Garden Lizard (Calotes versicolor)
And others.

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